Positivedrive Productcrop - Shipp Belting

Shipp Belting’s positive drive belts are a highly hygienic and versatile solution that has replaced fabric reinforced and modular plastic belts in many applications. Our positive drive belts offer sprocket driven capacity, which reduces belt slipping, and its one-piece construction features less bacteria harbor points than modular plastic construction.

A lighter weight construction promotes less horsepower and energy consumption, and it’s easy to change or remove. The belt is designed with clean-in-place non-removal capability. The lack of exposed fabric also allows a reduction of odors from contamination. The positive drive belt can be connected by stainless steel fasteners or continuous vulcanization, and it is suitable for fabrication of flights, tracking guides, sidewalls, and perforations. Overall, the positive drive belt is ideal for industries that require a safer, hygienic conveyor belt with less foreign material.