Modular Conveyor For Seafood - Shipp Belting

Shipp Belting provides advanced conveyor belt and component solutions for every stage of fish and seafood processing lines. Our engineers design our belt products to prioritize food safety, easy cleanability, and minimizing risks of foreign material contamination (FMC). With our solutions, you can protect your finished products and improve your throughput and production by avoiding unscheduled downtime and catastrophic belt failure. Trust our expertise and innovative solutions to help streamline your fish and seafood processing operations.

Our Belting Products for Fish & Seafood Applications:

  • Infeed Conveyors
  • Modular Plastic Belts
  • Fabric Checkweigher
  • Labeling & Packaging Belts
  • Positive Drive Belts
  • Wire Breader & Fryer Belts
  • Trim Line Belts
  • Glazing Nonstick Belts