Wire Conveyor For Chocolate Candy - Shipp Belting

Confection and candy manufacturers have unique conveying needs, often requiring tailored conveying solutions. At Shipp Belting, we try to meet this need with our wide range of belting products suitable for food handling applications including candy.

Our belting products include transparent, white, and blue nonstick silicone conveyor belts with excellent release properties. Additionally, we offer high-performance TPU belts that are resistant to oils and fats and can operate within a wide temperature range. TPU belts are known for their flexibility, thermal conductivity, and abrasion resistance, making them ideal for applications such as knife edge transfers and cooling tunnels.

Our Belting Products for Candy & Confection:

  • Wire Enrober Belts
  • Heat Tunnel Belts
  • Cost Savings Audits
  • Swann Neck Incline Belts
  • Engineering Assistance and Recommendations
  • Cooling Tunnel Belts
  • Modular Plastic Belt
  • Positive Drive Belts
  • Food Safe Easy Cleanability Belt
  • Extruder Belts
  • Packing and Sealing Belts
  • Cold Table Belts