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To assure positive tracking within operational standards, it is sometimes necessary to use a V-guide.


If I use v-guides with my belting, will it guarantee I will not have tracking problems?
NO! Just because you use v-guides, it does not mean you don’t have to follow other acceptable practices when designing and building your system. You should strive to have a system and belt that will track by normal means of steering a belt and use the v-guide system to further ensure trackability.
Does a v-guide fabricated belt require a larger pulley (diameter) than a non-v-guided belt?
Yes. In general a larger pulley is required when you use a v-guide in conjunction with the belt. A notched v-guide or special segmented urethane v-guide will work on smaller diameter pulleys than standard v-guides. Consult our Office or a Territory Representative for recommended pulley diameters for various belts and v-guides.
If one v-guide is good, are two v-guides better?

While it seems logical, it isn’t always the case. Sometimes the combination of the belt and the system requires two, small v-guides the will steer the belt andtstill flex around the pulleys (versus one larger v-guide that would have difficulty flexing around the pulleys). However, if the v-guides are not placed on the belting with extreme care, you could end up with a situation where the two v-guides are actually working against each other. This can cause premature failure of the v-guides and can cause the guides to lift out of the grooves they are intended to ride in.We recommend that the v-guide be applied to the center line of the base belt; however, in unusual circumstances, it can be fused off-center. We do NOT recommend the use of more than one v-guide on the pulley surface for tracking purposes. Also, v-guides are meant only to improve tracking…not to drive the belt. Grooves required in pulleys and slider beds to accommodate v-guides must be manufactured both 1/4 inch wider and 1/16 inch deeper than the v-guide size selected to allow for sufficient “play”.

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