Shipp Belting Aluminum Extrusion 1 - Shipp Belting

Over the last 30 years Shipp Belting has become one of the industry leading experts and resources for supplying conveyor belt and roller covers in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry. With a wide offering of materials from PBO, Kevlar, Nomex and Polyester, Shipp Belting provides multiple High temperature options that can exceed up to 1200 degrees allowing our customer to eliminate downtime and failure in the most difficult areas.

Shipp Belting also supplies a wide range of conveyor components to support the industry ranging from Quench tank rollers, sewn spacer bar covers, needled roller covers, needled pads, needled belts and Kevlar covered timing belts with both spliced and truly endless options.

Our Belting Products for Aluminum Extrusions:

  • Kevlar High Temp Belts
  • Spacer Pads
  • Spacer Bar Covers
  • High Temp Roller Covers
  • Quench Tank Rollers