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Belting Customization

Specially built to fit your needs.

At Shipp Belting, we know that your system is unique. We understand that in order to maximize productivity, your products require care and attention to detail. With all this in mind, our team of Solutions Engineers walk you through the customization process to create a belting option with a number of key features, all chosen to fit your individual needs. Shipp Belting’s customizable components include: Cleats, splicing, mechanical fasteners, longitudinal splicing, v-guides and v-belt tracking, edge finishes, perforating and notching.

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Alligator® Lace

The regular Alligator® lace is well-suited for most belt lace applications that require additional strength at the seam. Alligator® Lace is easily installed on your conveyor system, requiring minimal tools for setup.

Alligator® Staple Lace

The Alligator® Staple lace is well suited for punishing belt applications that convey heavy, bulky and irregular materials. Splicing belts are tighter, stronger and more flexible.

Clipper® Lace

Clipper® laces are available in several configurations for maximum strength and minimal belting material displacement. Clipper® laces are best suited when your system requires small pulley diameters.

Plastic Spiral Loop and Hinged Plate Lacing

Plastic spiral loop and hinged plate lacing is available should you require metal detectors or FDA applications. Shipp Belting’s manufacturers can custom fabricate polyurethane lace covers when your system requires an unusual belting surface finish.


Finger Splices

Finger Splices features split or separated plies with fingers that are cut and matched and lap areas fused or thermo-welded together. This result is a tight, strong flexible endless splice belt.

SFL Splice

Used on 2-ply and 3-ply Ultra-Line Belts, the SFL Splice combines the strength of the conventional Step Splices and the flexibility of the Finger Splice to create a strong, flexible endless belt.

Step Splice

Step Splicing features opposing steps, fabricated in each end of the belt, so that they match up perfectly prior to bonding. Your system benefits from an increased splice surface area, resulting in a stronger seam and greater adhesion.


Continuous V-Guides

Continuous v-guides are thermo-welded, glued or cast on the bottom side of the belt and matched up to corresponding grooves in the pulleys and conveyor bed for positive belt tracking. V-Guides allow tight control of lateral and longitudinal belts per your system requirements.

Cast Urethane V-Guides

Shipp Belting proudly distributes Sparks Belting cast urethane products. Cast urethane v-guides allow tighter control of both lateral and longitudinal belt tracking, as well as greater speed control. This type of v-guide will never delaminate from your belt.

Specialty Guides

Shipp Belting’s manufacturers can custom cast segmented polyurethane v-guides for special tracking applications. These guides are recommended where V-Belts are used as conveyor, or in tandem to pull the product or cable in sandwich fashion.


Rib Cleats

Rib Cleats typically feature 1/8″ high ribs on approximately 1″ centers. Shipp Belting’s cleat options are built into each custom belt and are just as unique as the purpose they serve. Rib Cleats are FDA/USDA approved and are used for fish and meat products, as well as bakery dough dividers.

Black T-Cleats

Black T-Cleats are bonded onto the surface of base belts. These cleats are ideal for general light to medium duty incline conveying. Shipp Belting offers Black T-Cleats in White Buna-N, and Green or White PVC.

Angled Scoop Cleats

Shipp Belting offers Angled Scoop Cleats to hold certain products positioned in the middle portion of your belt. These cleats are cast in an arc and are available in heights up to 2″.

Super Cleats

Super Cleats are USDA-approved with no gaps, crevices or cracks to harbor bacteria or run the risk of breaking prematurely. Shipp builds super cleats into the conveyor belt itself to ensure the highest standard in durability and sanitation.

Box Cleats

Box Cleats are designed by Shipp Belting’s manufacturers to contain your products securely on the belt. Box cleats are cast in rectangular shape and the lengthwise edges are siped, or slit, to maintain flexibility.

Corrugated Sidewalls

Shipp Belting offers corrugated sidewalls, longitudinal edge cleats designed to expand when flexing around pulleys, for powdered, granular and other materials that do not maintain their shape.


Hole Punching and Perforating

When you need clean-cut, tightly fit bolt holes, you need hole punching and perforating from Shipp Belting. Our perforations ensure accurate spacing for speedy deliveries. Shipp Belting offers custom hole patterns for chain-driven units.


Sidewall belts are a sturdy solution for horizontal, steep incline and vertical conveying. Corrugated sidewall belts are ideal for transporting bulk goods efficiently on uphill and downhill gradients.

Capped Edges

Capped edges eliminate edge fray, strings, wicking, bacteria contamination and moisture absorption. The edges and the sides of the polyurethane belt are both sealed. These features protect the belt fabric from bacteria, and damaging chemicals and edge wear.


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