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Wire Belting

Durable construction for a variety of uses.

When our customers are primarily concerned with sanitation, we recommend wire belting. The flat surface also facilitates transfer operations such as sorting and assembling.

Shipp Belting works with suppliers to provide high quality belting for a broad list of industries, like food processing, electronics, heat-treating, steel and glass.

Attributes of wire belting include:

  • Side shaped wire, increasing strength
  • Flattened sides reduce carry-over
  • Greater open area
  • Minimal stretch
  • Quick and easy to splice

With our supplier’s patented side flattened wire, the “I-beam” design gives 3 times greater structural support for your product versus the standard round wire. With the added height of the wire you achieve a longer wear life, without needing heavier wire. Some tests have shown belt life increased by as much as 12 times.

In particular, wire belts offer unique solutions to applications like breading and battering, frying, baking, cooling, heat conservation and heat treatment. They’re available in galvanized carbon steel and stainless steel: Its strength, durable construction and dependable performance will meet your unique requirements and optimize your productivity.

Contact a Solutions Engineer to learn more about Shipp’s wire belting options.

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