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Positive Drive

Unparalleled belt life, minimal wear and improved yield.

Customers receive a new standard in operational efficiency with positive drive technology. The tensionless belt system provides reliable, predictable drive performance while reducing costs with unparalleled belt life, minimal component wear and improved yield. Positive drive belts are USDA/3-A Dairy Certified and easy to clean, with lower bacteria counts, lower water usage and lower maintenance costs, meaning higher production profits and minimized downtime.

Features of Positive Drive belting:

  • Smooth and textured belt surfaces
  • No fraying, delamination or detaching of flights, compared with coated plied belts
  • No fragmenting or chipping, compared with modular belts
  • No crevices or links that harbor bacteria
  • Easily and effectively cleaned


The homogeneous PositiveDrive™ belt is recognized worldwide as the best choice where hygiene and conveying efficiency are essential. The unique design combines a tooth drive and off-tracking prevention with superior hygienic standards and productivity. The standard belt width is 1524mm/60”. Some are also available in 2032mm/80” width.


Volta Belting’s DualDrive™ belt lowers the cost of ownership due to reduced consumption of water and chemicals, reduced maintenance and sanitation costs and reduced downtime. Lower bacteria counts deliver a significantly more hygienic product with improved shelf life.

Available in two thickness (3mm or 4mm) and varying hardnesses (Shore 55D, 53D): food-grade blue and beige and a special Low Temperature (LT) version for deep freeze applications (Shore 95A, 46D).

DualDrive™ is a positive drive conveyor belt with a series of teeth extruded at a pitch of 50mm (2”) across the entire width of the underside. The teeth engage in a toothed drive sprocket that drives the conveyor belt with little or no pre-tensioning. This belt replaces 2” pitch modular belts with minimal retrofitting.

  • No seams, finger splicing, pins and hinges
  • Extruded in 30m or 60m (100ft or 200ft) lengths


Intralox’s ThermoDrive®  technology combines flat, homogeneous thermoplastic material and modular plastic belting with a unique, patented drive engagement solution. This patented combination creates a one-of-a-kind tensionless belt system that eliminates the costs and complexities associated with managing a tensioned belt system.

This belt’s lightweight and open access design make cleaning in place achievable, leading to a dramatic decrease in sanitation time and costs. ThermoDrive can help food manufacturers achieve reliable, predictable operational performance for their hygienic conveyance.

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