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Motorized Pulleys

Easily specified into new systems, dramatically reducing design time.

Unlike bulky conventional drive systems that fit externally on a conveyor, our motorized pulleys are part of the conveyor itself. That means you can fit more conveyor into less floor or overhead space.

All moving parts are enclosed in the steel pulley shell. That eliminates hazardous moving parts and pinch points, along with the potential for electric shock from water on motors. As a result, you improve worker safety and more readily comply with OSHA standards.

Our motorized pulleys operate at a quiet 57-62 decibels, compared to 76-80 decibels for a typical conventional drive. This helps meet OSHA noise regulations, eliminates the need for costly ear protective devices and improves overall work environment.

DuraDrive Plus™ is a one-piece motorized pulley designed to power your belt conveyor for years with little or no maintenance. All moving parts are enclosed, eliminating pinch points and the potential for electric shock from water on motors.

Motorized pulleys are highly sanitary: No external grease or oil from chains, bearings or couplings. The all-stainless steel version is ideal for food applications, and a USDA/3-A Dairy certified design is available for stringent sanitary requirements.

A conventional drive system transfers only 55-75% of mechanical efficiency to the belt. In comparison, DuraDrive Plus™ transfers 95% to the belt (a 20-40% increase).

When you choose DuraDrive Plus™, you’ll only need an in-place oil change after 25,000 hours. 

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