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IWP120COS - #PV09

Color: Black

Number of Plies: 2

Belt Compound: PVC

Top Surface: Smooth PVC

Bottom Surface: Brushed

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Color: White

Number of Plies: 3

Belt Compound: Nitrile

Top Surface: .046" Cover

Bottom Surface: Friction

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Note: All recommendations for lacing assume that Rough-Top cover under lace is removed down to the carcass.

Minimum pulley recommendations are based on 180° arc of contact

++If vulcanized endless - if lace 1" (belt speed less that 100 FPM)

+++below 30°F use 5" minimum pulley

**35-ounce Bare-Duck Top Ply

®Registered Flexible Steel Lacing

SS - Stainless Steel

Ex - Excellent

* 15-ounce Bare-Duck Top Ply

®Registered E. I. duPont

®Registered Clipper Belt Lacer

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